Many ways possible we can have you rest assured of unclottered home or office

Simplify & Create Space For Abundance

A Simple Space offers residential organizing services to:
The person working from home with stacks of business cards on his/her desk
Anyone who is tired of looking at the junk room, closet or drawer
Individuals looking for a different and clutter-free way to live
Someone who needs a little motivation to get started in creating A Simple Space.

Sara was featured as the organizing expert on Headline News Project Home weekly TV series
In one-on-one consultations and hands-on organizing sessions, Certified Professional Organizer Sara Fisher will create solutions to fit your personality and lifestyle, helping you to become more efficient and free up time for the things that matter most to you. Sara coaches her clients in how to de-clutter their space, simplify their lives, and make room for abundance in all aspects of their lives.

You know us for our De-cluttering and Organization Services. We also offer:
Life Management Services
• assist in making daily decisions
• manage service calls
• time management/schedule appointments
• grocery shop, buy, wrap and mail gifts
• supervise house cleaning services
• arrange travel and drive to the airport
• buy, wrap and mail gifts
• banking
• returns/exchanges
• assist in packing for travel
• have vehicles serviced
• maintain household security
• coordinating moving services
• miscellaneous errands

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